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 Key Design & Technology aspects:            



NEO Closure                                                                                                                                    TECHNICAL DRAWING          OPENING DEMO - VIDEO 


Following are the key aspects of Axiom ‘Neo Closure, used for 750ml and above sizes:

Neo Closure is a 6 part assembled closure with each part complementing it's important features. The Tamper-Evident Non-Refillable (TENR) system in the Neo closures makes it easy to understand if the closure has been previously opened. The following unique methodology is used for the design of Neo Caps:

The closure is internally perforated at intervals around its circumference, forming a series of “Bridges”. When the closure is unscrewed in the anti-clockwise direction for the first time, the bridges break and allows an annular colour (Red/Yellow) tamper-evident band to pop-up around the neck of the closure. The customer can both feel and hear this action. When the cap is resealed, the annular colour band remains intact around the closure, proving that the bottle has already been opened and in use.

The Neo closure ensures not one, but two valves, to prevent greater difficulty for adulteration & non-refillability. The complex valve system includes a one-way valve, as well as a glass ball valve. This guarantees a high level of protection especially for markets in which there is a high risk of counterfieting .

Neo Caps use Polycarbonate as substrate material for Pourer having a much better mechanical properties instead of Polystyrene used by the competitior, which is brittle in nature and susceptible for breakages. Hence, product ensures better strength to glass bottle neck and thereby assembly integrity.For the body tube/ outer shell, Neo caps use Polypropylene instead of Polyethylene used by the competition as substrate. This substrate is internationally proven to have better Aesthetics,strength properties, tempertaure resistance ,ensuring better anchoring &  hence, less easily detachable.

To ensure fill-levels in sealed bottles, the cap design includes an element called ‘Bustago’ which prevents liquid from accumulating inside the cap mechanism and reducing fill level, giving greater reliability to consumer. Overall design for Axiom caps offers better security & confidence to consumer than existing caps.

This bottle closing device is capable of permitting a simple and safe capping of glass bottles, while ensuring greater tampered evident seal to prevent duplication.

 UBER CAP- 2 part

TECHNICAL DRAWING                        OPENING DEMO - VIDEO          

11Following are the key aspects of Axiom ‘UBER’ Cap, used for 180ml & 375ml sizes:

This bottle closing device is a 2 part Closure capable of permitting a simple and safe capping of glass bottles at high speeds, while ensuring seal not getting tampered without visible evidence, and hence, preventing duplication.

UBER Cap utilize a TE (tamper-evidence) system that has an external band with a Pull tab to facilitate tearing. The consumers must tear the band in anti-clockwise direction in order to tamper it and open the bottle for the first time. Once the band gets detached, the inner cap can be unscrewed and re-closed normally. When the bottle is resealed by the innercap, the external empty space where the band existed indicates that the bottle has been opened .

UBER Cap ensures that even at higher speeds used during assembly of the glass bottles , the outer sleeves do not get damaged and  facilitates a quick assembly of bottle by its simple configuration, thereby, reducing cost & ease of manufacturing. 

Typically, the closure has sixteen multi-start inner threads to facilitate a better grip to the glass bottle & also proper orientation and guidance on the corresponding threads of the glass neck to impart smooth ride of cap.

Most importantly, UBER caps use Polypropylene instead of Polyethylene (currently used by completion) as substrate. This substrate is internationally proven to have better aesthetics,mechanical  properties, ensuring better anchoring.